Oct 4, 2011

A Regal Look, Indeed.

Look at Richard and his beard...
standing there all statuesque and handsome...
gazing off at who-knows-what while thinking
very smart thoughts.  Or sexy thoughts. You pick.
Photos from the Russian Richard Armitage Site HERE

Speaking of bearded Richard and his Russian fan site,
every time I see a photo of RA all whiskered-up,
I picture him dressed in a royal uniform,
standing between these guys:

Russian Tsar Nicholas II & British King George V - 1913.

I don't know why those royal
cousins pop into my head, but they just do.
Maybe if Richard's mustache gets bushy enough,
he will twirl the ends up like they did.

Thanks for the random thoughts, Richard.


bccmee said...

Those newly discovered beardy pictures are dreamy! In one of them he even has a hit of a smile. :) Of the two you posted, I like the one on the right best. Look at that pose, yum!

Musa said...

What a treasure to see all these new pics of RA! I also like him in blue better, and that man can really wear a scarf well:) Maybe he needs to keep the beard for a period film.

Lady Rose said...

Ahahah! Nat, you make me laugh.
Also, those pictures made me melt.

So thanks, for both of those. ;)

Violet8886 said...

Love these pics. He looks very regal no doubt. He also looks more "distinguished" Before as Lucas or other characters he looked so young. Now he looks like he could play a King. No wonder Peter Jackson thought of him for Thorin.

Love the jacket and scarf. It makes him look established and like a proper spy. Like someone who knows what he is doing.

Great random thoughts Nat! :):)

NovemberBride said...

Thanks for posting these Nat! Why is it that the Russian sites always have "undiscovered" pics like this tho? Do they have an underground source that we don't? LOl!! Glad they have them tho. And glad they share them! ;)

Phylly3 said...

Interesting that you think he looks more regal in a beard. I like the picture of King George V of England and Czar Nicholas of Russia. Someone else said Richard could play in a remake of Nicholas and Alexandra. But that is such a sad story which ends in death and I think RA has had quite enought of those roles lately, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

There is so much depth to Richard that he evokes such strong emotions just standing casually in his hirsute gorgeousness!

Twinklingmoon said...

Nat, thanks so much for solving this mystery! I couldn't figure out who reminded me of with that beard of his, it was right on the edge of my mind but I couldn't connect the dots...yes, he definitely looks like the royal cousins.

I completely agree with the idea that he could play Czar Nikolaus, not just because of the physical similarity his beard would bring, but he has got this intensity that would be necessary for the role, but yeah, it would be depressing as heck!

Myrtle said...

His beard does give him such a different, much stronger look. It will be interesting to see if he keeps after Thorin, and what roles come his way.

The pictures are lovely, thanks Nat

RedPoppy said...

You entertain me as always Nat! Uh, never thought I'd be that in love with facial hair... I must say it really suits him!

RedPoppy xo

@Rob said...

Love those Russian gals! Where do they get their pics??? I love how his characters seap into him. I get a real Thorin gravitas vibe thing happening here.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect comparison with the Tsar beards! (At least RA doesn't have the family goggle-eyes!

Late comment; have to check the Nat blog more frequently - keep coming back, you're missed!)


ruth said...

Oooh dreamy! I love the one w/ the navy suit the most... oh man, he should do a movie where he looks like this from start to finish, ahah.