Aug 22, 2012

Birthday Cheestastic Vid

Happy Armitage Day!

Sure, I've been a blogging slacker
most of this year, but I couldn't miss
dear Richie-poo's bash!!!

HERE is my contribution for
today's festivities in honor of
Richard's birthday.

Another festive cheestastic video. :)
I hadn't made one of these forever... so fun to do!


BKL said...

And a happy Armitage day to you too Nat! The vid is great, made me chuckle.

Sue said...

why weren't the rest of us invited to that party with andy and martin? looks fun.

bccmee said...

Very festive! Love the graphics!

Phylly3 said...

Lovely to see you back, and vidding again too! Hope you had a gReAt day!

NovemberBride said...

Hey Nat. Been gone on a Girl's Night Out and just got back to see this!!!! YAY!! Nat's back!

CDoart said...

Wonderfully lovely birthday video. Thank you for this sweet creation, Nat !!!

Servetus said...

a cheesetastic vid!!!!! Yay! Glad to see you again. Happy Armitage Day!

Myrtle said...

Happy Armitage Day to everyone :)

Violet8886 said...

I love this sooo much! Coming in a bit late..but hey, we can celebrate Richard's birthday all month...:) You are so creative Nat :):)