Sep 15, 2013

Thorin Costumes

My kids have been talking about their Halloween costumes since July.
My 8 year-old son, who discovered and is now obsessed with
the Tolkien world this year, wants to be a hobbit.  (Pippin is his favorite.)
In the last week or so, I've started looking around fabric stores, thrift shops
and online to see what pieces I can put together for his hobbit outfit.
I've come across several other
hobbit-related costumes, including Thorin.
Amazon has these wig/beard options available:
This is a good look.
Nice guyliner, fake Richard.
This costume, however, looks like a
crazy mountain man
and not so much like Thorin:
I saw this pattern book at Wal-Mart yesterday:

I think this is the same man modeling the beard/wig on Amazon!
Who is this fake Richard guy!?
You can find this pattern book online HERE.
What these costumes are missing is a good shield,
which made me think of my 10 year-old nephew.  Last spring
I saw him running around his house with a wooden sword and a small log
strapped to his arm.  He said he was Thorin Oakenshield.
 Last, but not least, I discovered there's a tumblr site dedicated to
tips on making a realistic Thorin costume.  Check it out HERE.
Nothing, however, can beat the real thing:
Check out this gorgeous painting and other work by Amanda Tolleson HERE.
She has prints available to purchase.


Phylly3 said...

Great find on the Thorin costumes! And I love your nephew's oakenshield!

Violet8886 said...

I love these Thorin costumes. I bet Thorin costumes will be huge this Halloween! :)

Unknown said...

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mulubinba said...

Thanks for this post as my old Hobbity costume is wearing out. The competition was fierce in Wellywood at the costume party this year …lol!! It's going to be worse next year imo - I was wondering if OH might go as Thorin … (he's not so keen :( )