Oct 22, 2009

This Little Piggy Went to the BAFTAS!

My other idea for a title was "That'll do Pig, That'll do."
(But I wasn't sure how many people had seen the movie Babe.)

The third artist to be featured on "RA Graphics Week" is Hedgeypig.
Her art can be seen HERE on RichardArmitageNet under "Wallpapers" or "Artwork."

Here are a few of her creations that caught my eye...

Hedgeypig's Icons:

I love these icons.

Hedgeypig's Wallpaper:

Besides creating art on the computer, Hedgey also sketches...
Hedgeypig's Drawing- "Battlements"

Description by artist:  Made for a scene from a fic by Alicat.  A young Guy of Gisborne on the battlements. Pen and ink which was scanned in and tidied up in photoshop.

Hedgeypig has a great story about how she met Richard Armitage
at the 2009 BAFTAS and he autographed this drawing! 
You can read her "BAFTA Report"
HERE and see the pictures she took
of the man himself!  
(RA in a tux... in the flesh... How did she not pass out!?)
I laughed out loud at this part: "I now have zero street cred left." referring to her gushing.

Thanks for sharing, Hedgey! :)


Charleybrown said...

I'm definitely a fan of RA but obviously not as devoted as yourself, however, seeing those pics of him on the BAFTA red carpet made me fall for him even harder!!!

Starheart said...

Battlements is wonderful. OMG wow those images are lovely. My favourite is one of Mary's

Ali said...

Heehee I must tell Hedgey that you've featured her art. I have fond memories of that Guy sketch ;)

Cheers Nat, I may not comment often but I do keep in touch with your blog. Thanks for the link to our website.

hedgeypig said...

Thanks for the feature. the title made me snort apple juice - not a nice image.

Longhairedtoad said...

Those are wonderful, especially the drawing. You are all such talented women!

Avalon said...

Great drawing, blessed with talent. Lucky lady to meet R.A

WitchyWoman said...

Hedgey is another great artist. I really enjoyed reading the BAFTA report and the pictures(swoon).

Kiteflier said...

You are a very talented artist Hedgey :-)

LOL, I have visions of you now with the apple juice!

Glad you were featured on here :-)