Jun 4, 2010

Photo Friday ~ The Letter is Off! (and random hot pics)

Our fan letter is on its way to England, folks!
Here it is, being tucked into its envelope.
(Paper doll SFR didn't go along for the ride. He's just modeling the goods.)
Five pages stapled together.  A bit much?  Oh well.

My main objective for wanting to send this letter was not to get a reply.
(That would be neat, but I'm not expecting it.  I'll let you know if that ever happens, though.) 
I just wanted to send a message to say, "Hey, I like your work.  Keep it up!"
I also wanted to let him know about the RA blogging world, which offers another
environment for Armitage fans to interact and share their thoughts.
(I did mention the Fanstravaganza in the final draft.)
In a recent article, Richard said he doesn't like to read about himself online,
but maybe he'll take a peek at our blogosphere one day! :)

I appreciate that several of you added your 2 cents to the letter, which is the best part. 
Thanks to those who participated!

And to share some RA hotness...
(I've posted these at various times already,
but I like 'em.)
Lucas looking studly.

You may not like Monet's hair/beard, but look at those eyes!

I *heart* JT.

Don't judge me. You know you like this pic.


MillyMe said...

Fantastic to see the actual letter, Nat, and I'm really sorry that SFR couldn't have slipped into the envelope and winged his way to London, but perhaps Richard won't be able to resist taking a peek at your blog and making SFR's acquaintance anyway.

I agree about blogs being a place for Richard admirers to get together. I love your blog! It's a mix of lovely pics, witty ideas and storylines and drooling, all good fun! And it's great meeting with all your regular posters, too.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I'm feeling a bit warm. [Starts fanning self] Is it hot in here?

mulubinba said...

Good luck with this Nat! I've never regretted starting blogging about RA. Lots of fun people to meet!!

tyme_4_t said...

AHHHH there's nothing like some hot pics to warm up a foggy drizzly day on the east coast of Canada...

I hope you feel all the hugs from us fangurls for including us in the letter!!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

To put it in Harry's words: "Good choice!"

@tyme_4_tea: i'll send some sunshine your way, we've been having a mini heatwave in the North East.

Fanny/iz4blue said...

PS. : Nat I am glad you remembered to include the FAnstRAvaganza as I noticed it wasn't in the final draft.

I was raised to have low expectations in hope to get happily surprised rather than bitterly disappointed. Hence I don't expect a reply and also don't think we should hold it against him.

SFR would make a fab bookmark, or is that an insult?

Phylly3 said...

Very cool to see the letter! I am going to TRY not to think about it because I think like iz4spunk about expectations...but...this IS so exciting!!!
Love you for doing this Nat and letting us tag along for the ride!

diveknit said...

Great letter Nat and I am happy for you to have send it.
It's a great place for me to come, laugh, read all your guys thoughts and see nice pics as well.

I really liked the article you referred to Nat. Was a good read.

fitzg said...

Thank you, Nat.

Hope there's a response of some sort.

Just an acknowledegment that Mr. A's fans are a very diverse international,COMMUNITY, (and don't all throw pants or send chocolate pants), but who just really want this career to grow on developing, as he wishes it to.)

But we don't really have to have that acknowledgement.

He is a very accomplished actor, and we really wish to see him continue developing.And we'll see it in the results.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is nice to see the 'physical' letter, it makes it more real...Thank you Nat!

I don't expect a response, yes I also tend to low my expectations to avoid being disappointed, in this case though, that could be a highly possibility if he thinks in terms of not favouring a group over another. (This does not mean I wouldn't love to be proven wrong -does this sound inconsistent?)

What I permit myself to 'fantasize' is that he will check out SFG, I'm sure between 2nd half of june and first of July I'll be thinking he's seen the vids, enjoyed it and gotten a glimpse of the talent of his fans.

JEMAA said...

Hey Nat - Your blog is so very well done and I appreciate that it has a lovely light-hearted tone to it, which keeps things fun. Thanks for sending the letter - and including all of our wishes. I am not as pesimistic as some others - I'll bet you get a response of some sort! After all, I have the impression that RA is a very polite fellow, and so would be inclined to reply in some fashion. Time will tell!

DEZMOND said...

now how could we ever judge you for posting the last pic? :))

I could use me that black jacket Richard is sporting in the first pic!

*Chica Popcorn* said...

I shouted when i saw the real letter (and the Gisborne pics *w*) oh oh oh!! I'm so very excited thanks a lot Nat!!! and stick Richard...he's so cute in there!! did ou added a drawing of stick richard in the letter? Mr. Armitage will be aboslutely pleased, Oh I am sooooooooo happy!! huggs and kisses for you!!

Myrtle said...

He is filming Spooks in London at the moment so he might read it soon.

bZirk said...


It's so great to see the letter! But I almost wish you had sent SFR with it. He's quite a dude. :D

BETH said...

OH I feel that emotion! I can not believe that Richard can get to read my words. Nat thanks for sending that letter, because I never would have encouraged even send a few lines myself. Love from Argentina

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing this, its been fun participating and seeing the final letter going out.

I wonder if anyone knows of anyone who has gotten a response from him recently? To kind of figure what our odds are for getting a response back? I tend to think its unlikely but I still can't help hoping!

Elisabet said...

So, the deed is done ;) Congratulations! It is indeed great to see the letter for real. And thank you so much for also giving all of us the opportunity to contribute. I would never have written something to him on my own. I don't know about a possible response; I have read somewhere that mostly someone will send a response back (I even read that his mom helps out with that).

kaprekar said...

Great - I'm so pleased.

That Lucas picture is a stunner - I wasn't sure I liked it at first but now whenever I see it takes my breath away.

Twinkling Moon said...

So glad you sent the letter and included the Fanstravaganza experience!

I can't help but get excited about the possibility of a reply from RA. I know, I know, he's a busy guy and all, so I won't hold it against him if he doesn't, but I will be disappointed. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best :)